OSX Rails Session Issues

Hey friends,

I need a little assistance getting one of my applications running on

I am able to install everything, and get my application running, but
when I try to store an object in the session in one of my apps, the
session object doesn’t get stored.

I tried running webrick, and I tried running under lighttpd.

I tried running a regular session store, and a mysql session store.

I created a new application, and in that instance I was ABLE to store
things in the session.

I’m running the same code on windows and on a red hat production box,
and neither have problems storing the model in the session.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Does the application server have write access to the disk location that
the session files are being stored in?


On May 23, 2006, at 9:46 PM, Jim C. wrote:


Thanks in advance,



Have you set a custom session domain anywhere in your environment

files? Like:

( :session_domain => ‘.foo.com’)

I ran into this error once where I had set the session domain and

forgot about it. So anything you stored in the session would be gone
on the next request.