OSM3D: OpenStreetMap + blender + GnuRadio/OpenBTS/USRP = 3d mapping project for community-based tran

Dear All,

I would like to announce a project I am working on, for augmented
reality 3d geospatial transactions over GSM/Wifi.

By adding to OpenStreetMap with 3d models of an environment, and
sending this 3d representation to mobile devices in the vicinity.

It is at a very early stage and I am still very much a novice at 3d
modeling, GnuRadio and OpenStreetMap.

I hope that others will find this idea interesting and would perhaps
wish to be involved.

Abdalaleem Andrew James Potter

Your idea is great but from the description it does not sound like something new. How will it differ from this? But if you are to offer something not ordinary, it might become rather popular. I am interested in working on innovative project! So, waiting for your response.