:order by association field

Hi. I’m trying to do something that should be a fairly common pattern,
but I’m currently not sure how.

model Family has_one Father. also, Family has field “country_of_origin”
model Father has a number of fields, such as first_name, age, etc.

It’s easy to sort based on families’ fields:
sorted_families = Family.find(:all, :order => ‘country_of_origin’)

But, how do I sort based on the fields of the child? For example, how
do I sort families based on the first name of the associated “father”
field? I.e.,

sorted_families = Family.find(:all, :order => ‘father.first_name’)

clearly this doesn’t work… but you probably understand what I’m
trying to do. If I can’t do this directly in Rails, what’s the cleanest
direct SQL command that will achieve this? Perhaps subqueries/nested
queries will do the trick.

As a related question, how would I sort based on the count of a child
association? For example, assume an Order has_many LineItems; how do I
sort orders based on the count of the associated number of line items?

Thanks in advance for your help!


sorted_familes = Family.find(:all, :include => :father, :order =>

sorted_familes = Family.find(:all, :include => :father, :order =>

Thanks! This does indeed work. Now, how would I go about doing the
sorting by the count of the children?

my first guess would be

sorted_familes = Family.find(:all, :include => :child, :order =>

if you tail -f the development.log, you’ll notice that the :order value
being inserted verbatim. it’s nothing but SQL syntaxt. The :include =>
child is simply creating a LEFT OUTER JOIN for you between the families
children tables. This is what the rails developers refer to as eager
loading of associations. You can find more information under
ActiveRecord::Associations::ClassMethods and the ActiveRecord#find
method in
the API http://api.rubyonrails.org/

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