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I am currently in development of a project that will require Oracle as
the database back-end for deployment. This is an application that I am
developing and that will be transferred in-house at the client, and
they require Oracle 9i. I am just an individual, and don’t have access
to a hosted Oracle instance.

I was wondering if anyone out there knows if there’s some sort of
setup somewhere where I could host my Rails app and then have access
to an Oracle instance. My schema would be quite small, so I wouldn’t
require all that much space. Oracle requires at least 1GB of RAM to
run with any sort of efficiency. Me getting a box like that might be
prohibitively expensive. As I would just be developing/testing on
this, I don’t think I’d require a “normal” Oracle license. I’m
guessing I could use their community version and/or get setup on
someone else’s box and use their license.

I’ve contacted Rimu about their VPS packages, and I’ll probably go
with them in the interim as I develop the application using Postgres,
but I’ll need access to Oracle eventually, and don’t know which way to

Does anyone have any suggestions?


I hope this helps.

David J. wrote:

I hope this helps.

Thanks David.

I think you may have been meaning to refer to the express edition? The
Lite edition, as I understand it, relates to mobile applications and
devices. I am currently using the express edition locally, but am
wondering about a hosted solution, eventually. I suppose I could just
get a ton of RAM and install the express edition, but that might be a
bit expensive to get a machine that beefy.

I’m considering just going with some hosted database service and running
the app on my VPS, but was wondering if anyone out there had run into
anything like this and had suggestions.

I’d love to throw Oracle out the window for this, but, unfortunately,
it’s a requirement.

Thanks again.

I hope this helps.

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