Options_for_select and sorting

I have several select options on a form and was planning on using

If I use the code below the options do not appear in order on the
form, I am not really
sure of the order they are appearing since it is not alphabetical

<%= options_for_select({“Co-ed” => “Co-ed”, “Men” => “Men”, “Women”
=> “Women”, “Please select student body” => “None”}, “None”) %>

Would I be better off to use a traditional HTML tag and put
my options in the
order I want them to display?

For the record this is the order they display now on the form with
the code above:

Please select student body



Instead of a hash, try passing in an ActiveSupport::OrderedHash

options = ActiveSupport::OrderedHash.new
options[“Co-ed”] = “Co-ed”
options["“Men”] = “Men”

It is ugly tho :frowning:


That works, but as you said it is kind of ugly, this is a new user form
so I am not worried about making the select’s sticky.

Do you see a need to do it this way if the values are static? Or is a
regular tag ok?