Optimal version of Rails for JRuby on Google App Engine?


I read Ola B.'s instructions for integrating JRuby/Rails with Google
Engine but I don’t believe it mentioned which version of Rails works

Is it possible that some of the more recent Rails versions will not work
this type of project?


I have not done any extensive work with GAE. But, I do have a project
uses rails 2.3.2 and is running fine on the app engine. I followed Ola
Bini’s instructions with the exception of the session store. I just
left it
as the default cookie store since I could not get his to work. So rails
2.3.2 should work fine. However, it only works in production mode.



That’s great. I didn’t expect 2.3.2 to be working.

That’s good to know about the session store. Thanks for the tip.