Opinions on JS and DOM support

Hi guys,

I’ve been researching this one for a while and as soon as I start
putting something together I stumble across yet another lib so I wanted
to get any feedback you might have on the situation.

I’m aiming for DOM and JS support via Ruby, I basically need to emulate
a browser.

TheRubyRacer V8 has provided half the solution to my problem, JS

However, I’m a bit stumped on the DOM part…
For the last day I’ve been playing with Taka and although it’s a good
starting point it doesn’t provide a lot of important stuff like timers,
events etc.

Then I came across envjs which has V8 support (via TheRubyRacer).
Since envjs is written in JS I could get all the DOM info I need by
evaluating JS code in Ruby via TheRubyRacer but it seems a bit

If anyone has done something similar I’d really appreciate some hints
and pointers.

Tasos L.

Check out htmlunit and zombie.js