Openssl -> jruby-complete.jar

is there a way to include complete openssl support into the jruby jar
Build output states, that I should install openssl using gem, if I need
it. However, I want to use jruby+openssl from within a java app. and
therefore, it would be nice if the actual users of the app. need not to
do that by hand.

Thanks, Thomas.

this is how far I am:
Within the build.xml I found the target “install-gems”, so I just added
jruby-openssl gem there (and adopted the target “jar-complete”


The final jar file seems to contain the openssl gem, but I’m not able to
make use of it:

require ‘openssl’ --results-in–> “no such file to load –

Regards, Thomas.

Nick S.'s reply to another thread (“Calling Jruby -S from a java
code”: Calling Jruby -S from a java code - JRuby - Ruby-Forum ) helped me as
well. However, I’m still not able to use jruby-openssl from within my
jruby-complete jar file.

Including the ‘META-INF/jruby.home/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8’ directory to
the LOAD_PATH variable made it run, but a simple script as follows:

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘openssl’

… still states that:

“JRuby limited openssl loaded. gem install jruby-openssl for full

The jar file contains the jruby-openssl file:


So I guess, I miss another path declaration or similar!?

Any hints?