OpenID authentication

Hi there, I am trying to use the OpenID authentication plugin of DHH
in conjuction with ruby-openid 2.1.2 gem put it seems there is a
problem because in my login action the plugin redirects me to the
openid provider and then i have the exception when i have to render or
redirect to another page
The exception is:
ActionController::DoubleRenderError (Can only render or redirect once
per action):

Have you even encountered smth like that ?

Thank you

PS my session starts successfully the problem is that it does not
refresh the page or redirect somewhere so i have to do it manually to
see tha i am logged in

You might want to take a look at the OpenID Rails Kit (, which gives you a Rails sample app with
openid plugin integrated with the restful_authentication plugin so you
have both types of logins, ready to go.

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I second Ben, check out a working demonstration application and see what
you are doing different. It sounds like you may be doing some rendering
outside of the authenticate_with_open_id block, but its hard to say
without seeing your code.

Ok guys i ll give a second look, the strange thing is tha my current
setup works but i am rewriting to port it Rails 2.x.x but somethings
goes fundamendally wrong.
So far the problem is that OpenID redirects as it should do but then i
cannot redirect back to index and say hello user

What I have in my log is:

OpenIdAuthentication::Association Load (0.000810) SELECT * FROM
open_id_authentication_associations WHERE
(open_id_authentication_associations.server_url = ‘http://’)
Redirected to{HMAC-SHA1}{492c6b8f}{at%2BLWQ%3D%3D}&

and then
ActionController::DoubleRenderError (Can only render or redirect once
per action):
base.rb:842:in `render_with_no_layout’

It fails only when openid url is correct, quite strange

Just in case anyone stumbs on this thread again:

You should go exactly what the sample code does and that is why the
plugin is looking for a identity_url or openid_url param
So in your form there should be a an input with name anything like user
[identity_url] wont do!