OpenBTS with DBSRX?

I’m trying to run OpenBTS using a USRP1 with an RFX900 transceiver board
use as the transmitter) and a DBSRX board to use as a receiver.
Now that I look at the OpenBTS code in depth
specifically functions like USRPDevice::rx_setFreq()), I see that it
supports the RFX boards because it uses the low-level, raw SPI interface
configure the daughterboard cards.

How difficult will it be to make this work with the DBSRX? Can anyone
me in the right direction?


On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 05:14:57AM -0800, George Roberts wrote:

It shouldn’t be too hard. The easy way is to remove the OpenBTS
daughterboard code and use the native USRP C++ daughterboard code
that’s now in the trunk. See usrp_basic.h and db_base.h for the
interface. It’s pretty much identical to the python code that it

To avoid changing two things at once, it would probably be best to
test before and after this mod using two RFX boards, then if that all
checks out (i.e., OpenBTS works successfully), test with the DBSRX.
Otherwise there’s a lot of uncertaintly about what’s going on.

We’d definitely welcome a patch that makes these changes along with
some reports that the mods worked in the orignal configuration and
with the DBS RX :slight_smile:


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