Openbts n200 usrp

Hello all,

        I can ping, but uhd_find_devices shows No UHD

Devices Found.

My device is USRP N200 and both gnuradio and uhd are installed in the
Ubuntu 12.04.

Do anyone have the same question?

Could you plz tell me how to solve it? Thanks for any help!

ALERT 3074430720 17:02:32.0 TRXManager.cpp:434:powerOff: POWEROFF failed
with status -1
EMERG 3073854272 17:02:32.2 OpenBTS.cpp:156:startTransceiver:
Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.

command worked for a while, however, after some time, returned “No UHD
Devices Found”.

reply fast plzzz …