OpenBTS in VMware-machine


At the moment I am stuck with trying to install OpenBTS in an VMware
environment, while the “real thing” is a Windows 8 PC. Everything
and compiles just fine, the USRP gets set to the assigned frequency, but
then the whole thing hangs with strange messages. I have similar effects
with Gnuradio, too, so not a OpenBTS specific problem. For example gqrx
SDR receiver package) works just fine, while GnuRadio loads the images
the FPGA and then stops.

Before I dig into details, as a common question, anyone here who had
in such? I was successful with VMware 6 a few months ago, but on this
machine I need USB 3.0 support, and it is a Win 8 machine, so I need to
VMware 9.

I apologize for sending this in two lists, but it affects both topics,
as is a somehow unusual usage pattern it could do no harm to reach a
audience :slight_smile: And yes, I know more information is needed, of course I will
provide this later.

With best regards


Ralph A. Schmid
Mondstr. 10
90762 Frth
[email protected]

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