Open URI problems with google chart


I’m using open-uri for trying to save the png generated with
google charts. I need to create a pdf report with charts
generated but I need to save thems in some way. the proble is
that the url is:,y&chxl=0:|6-Jan|13-Jan|20-Jan|27-Jan|3-Feb|10-Feb|17-Feb|24-Feb|2-Mar|9-Mar|16-Mar|1:|0|50|100|150|200|250|300|350|400|450|500&chbh=30,10&chtt=Weekly+actual++++++Weekly+Plan++++++Grap+to+date|469++++++++++++++++++++0++++++++++++++++++++469&chts=000000,11&chf=c,lg,0,E1EAFB,1,FFFFFF,0&chm=s,3399CC,0,5.0,10.0|s,3399CC,0,5.0,10.0|

And seems that open-uri doesn’t accept pipes ‘|’ , Can anyone
help me…?

How can I save the images generated for use thems in PDFWriter…

i have the same problem. i keep getting bad uri with the symbol ^?

anyway to make it accept this symbol?

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