Open Text Summarizer Upstream Module 1.0 Release

I have developed a highly efficient version of OTS - the popular open
source text summarizer s/w. For few documents, while OTS takes about
40ms to produce text summary, my version takes around 8ms only. I
created a service using my version that listens to summary requests and
provide summaries. I have developed an nginx upstream module for this
You can use it in web sites that involve showing summaries of documents
and would be thinking about performance due to scale and other features.
Performance note: the service uses select and non-blocking socket I/O
for communicating to client.
Nginx upstream module for
Summarizer:GitHub - reeteshranjan/summarizer-nginx-module: Upstream nginx module to get summaries of documents using the summarizer daemon service
Highly efficient version of
OTS:GitHub - reeteshranjan/summarizer: Highly performant version of open-text-summarizer