Open source software for school study group / community


I need to build a system for a non profit org that allows people to
form study groups, to post lessons and take tests (multiple choice),
and to keep track of each member’s and group’s progress. Is anyone
aware of an existing open source project in RoR (or any language/
framework) that does something like this.

I’m thinking of something like drupal but drupal is more for joint
creation and maintenance of content. This is more specific for
supporting study groups.

As I said, RoR is fine but other lang/platform also welcomed.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.



I’m one of the developers for a open source Ruby on Rails app called
Kete. We’ve considered this sort of scenario in the past, check out
this topic for details:

Right now Kete is used in a number of scenarios that are similar. For
example at the company that I work for, Katipo, we use a Kete site as
an extranet to work on projects with our clients as well as our
internal knowledge management system. It’s worked pretty well so far.

Walter McGinnis
Kete Project Lead -
Katipo Communications, Ltd. -

We have developed ceratin accelerate / plugins for the same purpose,
do let me know your costing and budget so that we can see, if we can
help you with this.

thanks all for your suggestions. I’m investigating now. If others
have suggestions, please keep them coming.