Open source project needs help


i hope this is not off topic here…

i have started a CMS in ruby a couple of years ago, and i have all the
basic functionality working. i have no much time and i do not want to
see it die because it seems promising, at least to me. i am looking for
someone talented who can write quality code. please see i just created it recently so there is not
much. basically, the cms is installed as cgi on top of apache and
postgresql. it will have a web interface that will allow the user to
add/edit pages, users, etc, the database allows storage of any data
whatsoever because of the way it is organised, i have support for
sessions, localisation, security, everything i could think of. i just
have no time! if you are interested please let me know.


For what it’s worth, there’s a Rails CMS called Radiant, you might
look into patching it into Radiant or vice versa.


I’ve downloaded and studied the code for a while…is not much
commented, and there no documentation at all,right?



yes, there is no documentation. i will be happy to tell you everything
about it if you are interested.


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