[Open] make-snapshot in trunk fails to package 1.9.3

Issue #9837 has been reported by Nobuyoshi N…

Backport #9837: make-snapshot in trunk fails to package 1.9.3

  • Author: Nobuyoshi N.
  • Status: Open
  • Priority: Normal
  • Assignee:


generating ext/ripper/ripper.c
make: unrecognized option '--disable-gem'
Usage: make [options] [target] ...
make: *** [ext/ripper/ripper.c] Error 2
prerequisites failed


diff --git a/common.mk b/common.mk
index b26ba72..2e57492 100644
--- a/common.mk
+++ b/common.mk
@@ -863,7 +863,7 @@ $(REVISION_H): $(srcdir)/version.h 
$(srcdir)/ChangeLog $(srcdir)/tool/file2lastr
 $(srcdir)/ext/ripper/ripper.c: parse.y
   $(ECHO) generating [email protected]
   $(Q) $(CHDIR) $(@D) && $(exec) $(MAKE) -f depend $(MFLAGS) \
-    Q=$(Q) ECHO=$(ECHO) top_srcdir=../.. srcdir=. RUBY=$(BASERUBY)
+    Q=$(Q) ECHO=$(ECHO) top_srcdir=../.. srcdir=. RUBY="$(BASERUBY)"

 $(srcdir)/ext/json/parser/parser.c: $(srcdir)/ext/json/parser/parser.rl
   $(ECHO) generating [email protected]

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