Open Hardware development Initiative for Software Radios

To open

I think what Matt and Ettus R. has done is nothing less than

On that note for people who are looking for alternate hardware solutions
their needs, I think we should heed the suggestions already stated
on the list to build our own solutions.

A bit about myself,

I have Aspergers Syndrome and as a result I do not work a normal job,
have the following to offer for those parties interested if
with me.

I have to following to offer towards to initiative,

the Pros,

The time and desire to work on new hardware design aspects.

past experience in fabricating both Military and commercial 

system prototypes, SMT reworking.

A functional LPKF 91S protomat Circuit board milling machine (and 

to an additional 2 92S machines), currently able to produce two sided
without plated holes.

the ability to work with Gerber, and a few other board file formats.

some experience with EAGLE CAD, and ORCAD 9.1

reflow oven soldering

some assorted test equipment.

The not so good,

I currently have a limited ability to write code due to limited
experience (hence my reluctance to purchase a USRP)

My thinking on the matter,

I’m interested in seeing if the following would be of use to the hobiest

video card DACs, and video capture cards. As well as what types of board
outlines and interfaces people would be interested in. a few examples I
think of are PCI, PCIe boards in both standard and mini types.


Justin N2TOH