Open and close helper tags?

Hello everyone.

I have a custom thumbnail gallery that I am creating with images pulled
in a specific order from an array of image ID#s. What I essentially want
to do is have a helper-setup where I can do an opening helper tag, such
as <% open_image_gallery %> and then be able to place inside of it
specific tags associated to the options specified in the opening tag,
say the list of photos, any navigation tags, etc. All my options are
simple and it seems this would be a good way to only have to declare
them once, such as :limit => 20. I don’t want to have to declare the
limit on the actually list tag, then also per nav-tag so they know how
far to offset to create the next page.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


I don’t quite see the benefit of this. But, I might not completely
understand what you’re trying to get at. Could you post what you’d like
code to look like? Also, I’m assuming you’d want this in a View?