Online Store Payment Options -- credit cards/ paypal

I’m looking for information on connecting online stores to merchant
accounts and paypal.

Also – Any recommendations for businesses to use paypal vs. regular
credit card merchant
accounts vs. what?



I’ve also been looking through the alternatives for this.

I have a merchant account through RBS Lynk (previously LynkSystems) and
contacted them about getting the API for communicating with their
payment gateway. It appears that it would cost nearly $2,500 to have
the solution ‘certified’ and they wouldn’t allow us to communicate with
them without it being certified. The guy told me that it was a
‘political thing’ and there wasn’t anything that could be done to get
around it … unless you had over 400 installations of your shopping
cart software.

Sad that they would lock people out of processing with them … they
stand to make money. I would voluntarily let them audit the code, but
paying $2,500 to do so is ridiculous.


c.l.r thread 3 days ago about this, where “credit card” is in title.

There’s a payment gem you can install that works with
Very low cost payment gateway as far as I know.

It looks like they intend to support other gateways as well at some