One Suggestion ( Re: I'm having a hard time learning ruby

PickAxe didn’t work for me. I’ve found “The Ruby Way” and now "Ruby
Cookbook " give sme the morsel sizes I need to be productive, then I
turn to
either “Ruby for Rails”, “Pickaxe” or google when I have other
questions. B

Avoid analysis paralysis and start coding is the best advice I ever
foolishly ignored.


I’d recommend the ‘Ruby Cookbook’ as well. It’s nothing more than
hundred functional samples with detailed explanations. Just sit down at
your computer and work though the samples one by one. The book is also a
great reference to keep around once you’ve gained some experience with

I’d also recommend doing everything in irb at first. When you are more
confortable with the language start coding rb files.

Finally, I’d suggest looking at the rb files included in the
For example, runit, net, and cgi. These files really helped me get used
the language.

I hope this helped.