One-liner program example

Ruby 1.9.3

I want to practice one-liner programs which are the programs written and
executed in command lines interactively.
I have no experience in Perl, so I need to do this with Ruby (or

Say, I have a Ruby script


which takes one file input like

eliminate_duplication.rb file_A.csv

Also I have the whole set of files named

file_A.csv file_B.csv file_C.csv …(up to Z)

Could anyone show me examples of one-liner program which apply the
script “eliminate_duplication.rb” to every file in that directory?



Dir.glob("*.csv").each { |f| eliminate_duplication.rb #{f} }

Or at the shell:

find . -name *.csv -exec ruby eliminate_duplication.rb ‘{}’ ;
for i in file_[A-Z].csv; do ruby eliminate_duplication.rb $i; done

Thank you so much!