One controller for two tables?

Hi everyone!

I have one controller in app/comtrollers/AdminsController.rb

class AdminsController < ApplicationController

#with standart CRUD methods
def index
@admins = Admin.find(:all)

There are another one, that inherit his methods from parent:

class TurnirresultsController < AdminsController

def index
@admins = Turnir.find(:all)


Both have the same CRUD methods. It’s look very ugly. That’s why I
inherited TurnirresultsController class from AdminsController.

view for “new” method looks like:

<% form_for(@admin) do |f| %> <%= f.error_messages %>

<%= f.label :title %>
ut <%= f.text_area :title, :rows => 1, :cols => 103 %>

Usually, thay are using different tables.
I need to explore different views.

Here the problem:In this case the new Turnir object doesn’t create.
That’s why it doesn’t work.

I read cook book, looked in the net, but all finded articles didn’t
help me.
I tried whith routes.rb:

map.resources :turnirresults

but… you see, i’m here.
Please, Help me to find solution of this problem.

Hi. It’s again me.
I found article that helped me to solved this exercise:
Sorry that I disturbed you.

On 3 March 2011 13:12, Vero [email protected] wrote:

Hi. It’s again me.
I found article that helped me to solved this exercise:

If you’re looking to make your controllers DRYer, then you might
benefit from one of the abstraction methods like “Inherited Resources”

It (and other similar methods) is a bit more flexible than just having
the RESTful actions mapped by a common base class.



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