One app, two subdomains

Hi all,

I would like to point two subdomains to the same app, using the same
database, with logic in the app showing different content based on the
subdomain. Right now I am on Dreamhost, and I have no idea how to go
about this. Is this possible or even a good idea? Thanks for any hint!



Does following help?


Does following help?
Thanks, Jatinder! Actually I have the rails side of things (extracting
the subdomain and branching off) already implemented. The part that is
still missing is how to set it up on the server so that both
subdomains point to the same app. Ingo

oh ok.
If you are running your application behind Apache then you could use
define vhosts in Apache which routes all your requests at the 2
subdomains to the same rails application. hope this helps,


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