On 'Back' button of browser, drop down doesn't get refreshed

Hey guys,

i have a drop down in my UI, which value gets filled by session[:sale].

<%= select_tag :sale_id, options_for_select([[“Select Sale”, “0”]] +
@sales.collect { |s| [s.name, s.name] }, selected = session[:saleid]), {
:id => “sale_id”, :onchange => “search_verify();” } %>

I have a post on, ‘onchange’ event of it. if i have selected sale1, the
item list will come of sale1. Then i selected sale2, sale2 list will be
there. Now i clicked ‘Back’ button of browser, the list gets changed to
sale1’s items list but in drop down, still it shows sale2 rather than
sale1. Now when i click again on ‘Back’ button of browser, it shows no
items list and sale1 in drop down. It seems like drop down goes one step
back to the items list.

Please give any soltion to control on Browser Back button or session
related any idea.

Thanks in advance!