OK.rb's First Meeting

James Edward G. II and myself will be leading the first meeting of the
Oklahoma Ruby U. Group (OK.rb) on March 14th at 7 PM. The meeting
will take
place in room 104 in the Nigh University Center (student center) on the
of the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO).

The first meeting will cover both Ruby and Ruby on Rails and will be
aimed at
all skill levels. James will be giving a “Uniquely Ruby” talk, focusing
those things that make Ruby stand out from other languages. I will be
a first-look at Rails presentation that will go a little beyond the
Rails tutorial.

If you would like more information, directions, or would like to present
this or any of the upcoming meetings please feel free to contact James
(http://www.grayproductions.net) or myself.

Grant Schofield