Og [patch]: Rename write_attr_<class> to serialize_attr_<class>

These changes should have no effect at the users level?

  • Rename write_attr_ to serialize_attr_
    These names properly reflect what is happening. Renaming is also a
    precursor to some changes that 1) DRY out the serialization that
    occurs in Og, 2) Should permit Og’s type mapping to be extensible
    (without touching the code).

I kind of like


(notice the symmetry)


On 10/5/07, George M. [email protected] wrote:

I kind of like


I haven’t touch write_attr - yet :slight_smile:

if you’re still not convinced let me know I’ll try and explain why.

Some detail…

On 10/5/07, Mark Van De Vyver [email protected] wrote:

On 10/5/07, George M. [email protected] wrote:

I kind of like


The method


currently calls:
self.class.parse_(res[col + offset])



currently calls:

None of these actualy read or write anything - in fact I ignored even
looking at them for a long time since I wasn’t at the point of
reading/writing data… silly me :slight_smile:

The RDoc is most accurate:
They serliaze/deserialize instances of Og objects. Later on some
other method reads/writes this data - for sql stores the closest
methods to doing this are SqlStore#exec and SqlStore#query - even then
I’d argue it’s still misleading naming to call them read/write.
anyway it is irrelevant right.

Now SqlStore#quote (and hence Adapter) deals with arrays, but
re-implements all that is done in write_attr.
This opens the door for inconsistencies.
I’m heading towards closing that door, but I’ll close it first in the
DbiAdapter, and then only when spec’s are in place.

I’d guess a reason for this is that someone baulked at using
#write_attr in the quote loop, as in the following (untested):

module SqlUtils
def quote(vals)
vals = [vals] unless vals.is_a?(Array)
quoted = vals.inject("") do |s, val|
s += write_attr + ‘,’
vals.size > 1 ? “(#{quoted})” : quoted

But essentially that is 99% of what is happening in SqlUtils#quote.

The non DbiAdapter spec’s will flow as I make them…

I haven’t touch write_attr - yet :slight_smile:

and won’t until there is a spec in place.


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