Oferta de empleo

Hola, en la empresa donde trabajo (BMAT) estamos buscando a gente que
sepa de
Rails, pero también de Python y Perl. Valoraremos también los conocimientos
de C++ y Linux.

BMAT es una spin-off del MTG, el centro de investigación musical más grande
del mundo. Desarrollamos sistemas inteligentes de recomendación musical,
análisi, síntesis e identificación de audio, software para dispositivos
móviles de audio, etc.

Os pego la oferta que tenemos, por si a alguien le interesa. Podéis
conmigo (removed_email_a[email protected]) o en [email protected]


PD: perdón si habéis recibido este email a través de más de un canal

BMAT - Developer and Administrator

  • Description
    BMAT is a spin-off company of the Music Technology Group (MTG) of the
    Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the world largest research group in music &
    and operates under an exclusive license for their latest technologies.

We’re looking for top-notch developers and systems administrators. Do
you love
dynamic languages (Ruby, Python, Perl, etc.)? Have a penchant for
engineering methodologies? Are you a Linux/BSD guru? Got experience
excellent C++ code? Would you like to work with distributed databases
terabytes in size? If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these
you may enjoy joining us.

You can apply in either Catalan, Spanish or English, but fluent English
are a must.

  • Skills:
    BS in Computer Science or equivalent.
    Experience working in small teams and fast-paced environments.
    Fluent oral and written English communication skills.
    Ability to work without supervision.
    Willing to relocate to Barcelona.