OFDM Modification


I use an array to implement supporting multi-constellation scheme for
OFDM system, but
I got a problem in modifying the code for /trunk/

in which I generate a parameter multi_modulation[i][j]
while i is the ith subcarrier, and j is the used modulation scheme.
However, I have no idea how to modify the following :

 expert.add_option("","--multi_modulation",type ="array", default = 

help=“set the number of use multi_constellation decision

where I want to use “bpsk” as default for whole subcarrier, and type
array to assign which subcarrier should use other constellation scheme.
For example [2 “qpks” ; 5 “16qam”] means the 2nd subcarrier use qpsk,
and the 5th subcarrier use 16qam.

Another question is, what’s the meaning for the parameter arity? I
thought I also need to change it to an array for different subcarriers,
but I also got stuck there.

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