Odd problem with templates

I’m having a strange problem with templates and I’d like to know if
anyone else is having the same experience.

The classic plugin which is used as an example for plugin installation
and generator running is restful-authentication. So I assume that has
been well tested. But whenever I run it the generator only does part
of the job as compared with what it would do if I ran it from the
command line. It creates the user.rb or account.rb (depending on your
requirements), but it’s not generating the migration for users or
accounts (depending on requirements), nor is it adding the resource

After I’ve run the template I can run the generator from the command
line and it does the job properly. So I can’t see what’s going on

By mucking about with various methods of running the generator in the
template either generate(etc) or run(‘script/generate etc’) or using
backticks I did once get the thing to generate the migrations, though
it missed out the routes. Now I can’t step back to where it did that
and it’s now just creating the controllers and models but missing out
the routes and migrations.

I’m mystified. The obvious workaround is to run the generators from
the command line after the template, but somehow this isn’t what you
should have to do.

Anyone else having this problem?


John S.

Hello John,

How about showing us your template? I’ve used template to drive
restful-authentication and finished the template with a “rake
db:migrate” to create the necessary tables. As r-a has many options,
perhaps it would be helpful if you post your template.

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