Odd output

with this file:

C:>cat test.rb
require ‘benchmark’
puts Benchmark.measure { 1000000.times {3}}

and this command line:
jruby -server --fast -v test.rb

I get this output:

jruby 1.3.0RC1 (ruby 1.8.6p287) (2009-05-01 9cbadb8) (Java HotSpot™
Client VM 1.6.0_13) [x86-java]
null:-1:in getStackTrace': undefined local variable or methodrver’
for main:Object (NameError)
from RubyException.java:139:in setBacktraceFrames' from RaiseException.java:160:insetException’
from RaiseException.java:85:in <init>' from RaiseException.java:60:in
from RubyKernel.java:252:in methodMissing' from RubyKernel.java:83:inaccess$000’
from RubyKernel.java:114:in call' from DynamicMethod.java:160:incall’
from CachingCallSite.java:336:in callMethodMissing' from CachingCallSite.java:255:incacheAndCall’
from CachingCallSite.java:77:in call' from -e:1:infile
from -e:-1:in load' from Ruby.java:560:inrunScript’
from Ruby.java:482:in runNormally' from Ruby.java:360:inrunFromMain’
from Main.java:229:in run' from Main.java:110:inrun’
from Main.java:94:in `main’

is this expected?

Also a few side notes:
it would be nice if
jruby --help
output something useful [like instructions on using --server and

Also you asked for speed slowdowns to be reported back to you…here’s
one [same file].

C:\installs\jruby-1.3.0RC1\bin>jruby --fast -v test.rb
jruby 1.3.0RC1 (ruby 1.8.6p287) (2009-05-01 9cbadb8) (Java HotSpot™
Client VM 1.6.0_13) [x86-java]
0.594000 0.000000 0.594000 ( 0.531000)

C:\installs\jruby-1.3.0RC1\bin>ruby -v test.rb
ruby 1.8.6 (2009-03-31 patchlevel 368) [i386-mingw32]
0.422000 0.000000 0.422000 ( 0.421875)

I also wonder if the numbers reported by Benchmark.measure add up quite
right in the jruby example.