Odd 500 Internal Server Error with a Wordpress file (NGINX & PHP-FPM)

Hey folks. I’d appreciate some help with this bit of wierdness: Fresh
install of wordpress downloaded yesterday, running on nginx with a
fastcgi_pass to php-fpm. The install went flawlessly, and most
everything seems to work correctly, except that when I click on the
“Posts” button in the admin interface (/wp-admin/edit.php), I get a
mostly blank screen that says “Invalid Post Type”. Like I said, this is
a completely fresh install, so I don’t have ANY custom page types or
anything, it’s perfectly default right now. While I’ve performed plenty
of wordpress installs without issue, I’m a relative neophyte to nginx
anf php-fpm, and am sure something’s gone wrong somehow on the backend.
I do notice that php-fpm is logging a 500 status code when I hit that
page, but can’t seem to get any meaninful error message in the browser
telling me exactly what went wrong. Nginx is connecting to php-fpm via
fastcgi_pass to a unix domain socket. I’ve made sure that php-fpm and
nginx are both running as the same user, and that the directory being
served from has appropriate permissions. phpinfo() returns flawlessly
on a test.php page. Any ideas from those more experienced than me?

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I ran into the same problem (my Pages and Media lists were also empty,
though the interface still showed the counts of each). I was running
Wordpress in a subdirectory for testing and had copied a config from a
tutorial for that particular setup. This line turned out to be the

fastcgi_split_path_info ^(/wordpress)(/.*)$;

I removed it with no ill effects that I can see so far and the admin
now work as expected.

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