ODBC sth.fetch_hash

Hello All.

I am experiencing an issue with the fetch_hash method in the DBI module.
I am executing a rather complex SQL query to a DB2 database on our
as400. The column names, in the key index, are coming up as integer
values if the column names appear to be too long.

{“00001”=>"User data ", “OTHER_COL_NAME”=>“MA1”}

The 00001 is the problem. I need to see the real column name here,
which in my case is a concat of a two columns.

In PERL you can simply pass the ‘NAME_lc’ to solve this however I don’t
find anything possible for fetch_hash.

PERL e.g
while (my $ref = $$sth->fetchrow_hashref(‘NAME_lc’))

What am I missing or is this a bug?


I did a bit of further research and found that it appears that this is
coming from ODBC. My question is how do you override this? I think it
something to do with SQL_MAX_COLUMN_NAME_LEN…

Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks so much…

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