OCRA with Prawn (or other libraries that require non-Ruby files)

I’m trying to package a script into an .exe using OCRA. My script uses
Prawn, and it uses the font Helvetica. The problem is that the script
therefore requires the Helvetica.afm file found in
Similarly, it seems to need
I know I can package extra files with OCRA, but they go in the src
directory along with the Ruby script (or whatever subdirectory of that
you specify), rather than under the OCRAized copy of the Ruby

Is there any way to get it to include additional files under the
proper directory hierarchy?

I was wondering the same thing. I was contemplating a rake task to
all my dependencies into a build directory. Seems like OCRA should have
easy way to address this. I was also looking for a way to have OCRA load
DLLs that are in system32.


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