Obtaining a result from radio_button_tag

Im trying to figure out how to retrieve the selected radio button from a

I cant seem to obtain the selected member, and feed that into the DB.

I have 3 buttons which are defined in their own table RESULTS:
(id, type)
1, Pass
2, Fail
3, N/A

RESULTS belongs to OUTCOMES which basically is linked on result_id

in my view:
<% @results.each do |r| %>
<%= “#{r.resulttype}” -%>
%= radio_button_tag :result_id, :result, true %>
<% end %>

which displays the buttons fine! not sure if its correct though

on clicking the save button <% form_tag ({:action => ‘verify’,
:controller => ‘outcome’, :id => @testcase, :id1 => @testrun, :id2 =>
:result_id}) do %>

i would like the result id of the selected button to be passed as :id2


at the moment, i just seem to be generating long numbers when passing


i noticed the form seems to be grabbing result_id as a value, is there
any way i can override this so it uses result_id as :id2 in the url?

thanks in advance!

radio_button_tag(name, value, checked = false, options = {})

Change the name to id2 if you want value to be returned in id2 when
the form is submitted. What is the value of :result_id? It seems to
be a class id value. Are you sure that is what you want to assign to
that radio button (maybe you mistyped r.result_id ?)

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