Observe_field default parameter

Hi fellow rubians :wink:

Im trying to populate one collection_select from another and I got it
pretty much down I think:

VIEW 1 (first combobox):
<%= collection_select( :doctype, :name, @doctypes, :id, :name, options =
{:prompt => “Select doctype”}) %>

<%= observe_field ‘doctype[name]’, :frequency => 2,
:update => ‘fieldtypes’,
:url => {:action => ‘doctype_changed’,
} %>

Second combobox is about the same. Controller method:

def doctype_changed
@doctype_pages, @doctypes = paginate :doctypes
@fieldtypes = @doctypes[???].fieldtypes
render :partial => “fieldtype”, :layout => false

Now this works fine if i give it a number in the ??? part and info
pops up in the second combobox just fine. Now obviously what I want to
is to pass the value of combobox 1 to this method, but I cant figure out
what this parameter is called.

In the errormessage it states I send the correct value, I just need to
know how to reference it in my doctype_changed-method:

Parameters: {“1”=>""}


Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

<%= observe_field ‘doctype[name]’, :frequency => 2,
:update => ‘fieldtypes’,
:url => {:action => ‘doctype_changed’,
} %>

I got it to work by adding :id => :doctype now. But the id param in
always contains “0” (first choice in the dropdown). Any ideas why?