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No money changes hands between anyone involved in the magazine.

Issue 9 had 40,000+ hits. And is still clocking up 2k hits a month.

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  • Kent Beck Interview - (General SD interest, refactoring, XP, etc.)
  • C# 2.0 & 3.0 Overview - (relevent to C# developers.)
  • Refactoring Databases - (relevent to developers using databases,
    agile developers)
  • OODBMS Revisited - (relevent to developers using databases)
  • How to Work with Legacy Code (Examples in C++)


  • Grady Booch on SOA - (General Software Architecture)
  • Kevlin Henney - Why the Waterfall Fails (Agile / Process discussion).
  • Matt Stephens - Ruby - I Love You (Not) (Ruby developers / potential
    developers) - see also issue 9.


  • Ed Yourdon - Structured Analysis - A Retrospective (Historical
    perspectives. know your roots!)
  • TDD - Treating Tests as Code (Java code, test driven development
    quality issues)
  • EA’s Model/Code Sync Features (Product overview, relevent to
    developers using UML)

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