Objectives for Ruby Reports and other news

Hey folks,

Just two little bits of news about Ruport for those who are interested
and not yet on our mailing list.

  1. Our RubyTalk announcements will be more sparse.

Since we now do fairly regular bug-fix and maintainence releases, I
want to be kind to the RubyTalk community and not post all of these
here. We will no longer be announcing micro releases on this list
unless they fix some sort of critical problem. Each minor release
(which will usually include feature enhancements and other changes),
will still be announced here.

If you want to stay on top of the maintainence releases, you can watch
us on RubyForge, RAA, Freshmeat, or our mailing list. Otherwise,
we’ll see ya at 0.6.0! :slight_smile:

  1. Now that the summer of code is over, we are entering the ‘where do
    we go next?’ phase for Ruport. We’ve sent out an inquiry to our
    mailing list readers asking for them to share use cases and general
    hopes and expectations for Ruport. We’re going to be using this to
    establish a clear set of objectives for the project.

You can read the original email we sent out to the list here:

If you have reporting problems you’d like to use Ruby to solve, we’d
be interested in hearing your thoughts. You don’t need to have used
Ruport before to share your ideas.

I’d like to try to keep this discussion in one place, so it’d be
helpful if you joined our mailing list at least temporarily to

You can also just email the list ([email protected]) and I’ll
white-list your address so that your comments come through without a

This will be very helpful in letting us know what the community really
needs so that we can start planning to meet these needs.

Looking forward to hearing some great ideas!

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