NY panel discussion - seeking Rails representative

Hi All,

Anyone interested in being on a panel to represent Rails and discuss
the pluses and minus of various frameworks? Would be a great way to
get your name out and potentially meet some new clients. Heck, it
might even be fun and I’ll buy you a pint after the event, free as in
beer :slight_smile:

So I’m going to be speaking at the next New York PHP Community meeting
about the pluses and minus of various frameworks on April 22nd. I’m
looking to have an exciting panel discussion with a few experts
representing different frameworks (I have one of the lead commiters to
the CakePHP framework).

I’ll be structuring and guiding the discussion but I want everyone to
leave with a much better understanding of the
different frameworks that our out there and when they can be used when
in different contexts.

If you are interested and can make it to the event then please get in
touch with me as soon as possible 203 444 8287 or
[email protected] so that I can finalize the panel. Don’t be
put off that it’s a PHP event, I going to be running the discussion to
make sure it’s fun and entertaining but not negative.

Please get back to me as soon as possible if you’re interested. First
quality responder will get the gig.

Best regards,