Numpy question

I’m trying to build gnuradio for a system without numpy.

cmake reports correctly

– Python checking for pygtk >= 2.10.0
– Python checking for pygtk >= 2.10.0 - not found

– Python checking for numpy
– Python checking for numpy - not found

– Configuring gnuradio-companion support…

make reports
Linking CXX shared library

and the library exists in the install directory.

But running an example leads to", line 22, in
ImportError: No module named numpy

How can I come around this problem without installing numpy ?

– Volker

On 06.07.2015 08:54, Volker S. wrote:

I’m trying to build gnuradio for a system without numpy.

Numpy should probably be a hard requirement – Python blocks won’t work
properly without it, even disregarding this specific module.

How can I come around this problem without installing numpy ?

Unless you want to disable Python support entirely, you can’t.


That means,there is a bug in cmake. If numpy is required , then gnuradio
should not build if numpy is not found.
But if I remember well, in earlier days of gnuradio pmt was not

– Volker

Am 06.07.2015 um 18:27 schrieb Martin B.:

A quick look at the source reveals NumPy is used extensively in GNU
Radio, but it is checked for by the gr-wxgui and grc modules only. So,
most of GNU Radio can install properly even if NumPy is not installed or
working. - MLD

That’s right, but the problem is pmt. Is it really required for gnuradio
to run ?
Am 06.07.2015 um 22:03 schrieb Michael D.:

To be more specific:
Is required as that’s the place wher numpy is called.

But if this is required gnuradio should not compile without numpy.

Am 06.07.2015 um 22:09 schrieb Michael D.:

Yes, does use numpy. But, it looks like none of the
actual build for gnuradio-runtime (including pmt) requires numpy to be
installed. So, it’s just used post-install. Hence, maybe why it’s not
listed as a direct dependency? - MLD

To clear this up: pmt_to_python is a “only” a convenience file, but all
Python blocks require numpy. So, if you’re building GNU Radio with
Python enabled, CMake should fail without Numpy installed. As you point
out, this is a bug in our CMake.


Yes, pmt is required for gnuradio-runtime, which in turn is required for
anything gnuradio. - MLD

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