Number of bits tranmitted



I have this GRC file and i how would i know the number of bits
through this file.

Your help is appreciated.

A small correction to the GRC file. vector_source.png

On 07 Mar 2013 15:55, manjusha wrote:

A small correction to the
GRC file. vector_source.png


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So much
confusion in that flow-graph.

o 50k isn’t a valid sample-rate for a
USRP device of any kind

o Signal flows within Gnu Radio are usually
scaled into {-1.0,+1.0}, so your X 3000 multiplier isn’t likely to help
you with anything other than driving stuff into clipping

o The vector
source repeats, so, again, there are an infinite number of bits sent,
encoded in GMSK “symbols” and there are two samples per symbol

Thank you so much for guiding me since i am new to this…Here is the
grc file modified_vector.png


if you know how to find the transmitted and received number of bits
grc…please let me know…

Need help with my project

is there no wat to do it?

One idea would be to have a file sink also attached to the GMSK Mod
block. All samples you send to your USRP would be copied in the file.
Just check the file for byte count.

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