Nukumi2 0.5 released


This is the second release of Nukumi2 since exactly this day last
year. Nukumi2.5 (or, for technical reasons, Nukumi2 0.5) is primarily
a maintenance release fixing some small bugs; the biggest change is
the switch from Needle to Dissident for dependency injection. This
change will require you to do a minor change in your config.rb.

Nukumi2.5 is one of the bug-fixing releases before Nukumi3, which will
never exist. Instead, Nukumi2.5 will slowly converge to
Nukumi2.5029078750, which is the second Feigenbaum constant.

== What is Nukumi2?

Nukumi2 is a very flexible and open framework for building static and
dynamic content websites. It was mainly created to allow blogging and
has features to ease this, but in general every kind of mainly
content providing website could be created with it.

== What’s new in Nukumi2 0.5?

  • Atom 1.0 support
  • Using Dissident for dependency injection instead of Needle
  • Works with Ruby 1.8.3+

This release does not incorporate the Kashmir templating engine yet,
just because I lack the time to rewrite the templates.

== Features

  • Multiple output flavors (default templates are fully validated):
    • XHTML
    • RSS2
    • Atom
  • Dynamic (Webrick) or static (file generation) publishing.
  • Search-engine friendly URIs
  • Emacs mode

== Dependencies

In order to run Nukumi2, you need:

  • Ruby 1.8.1 or later
  • BlueCloth

== Contact

Please mail bugs, suggestions and patches to

Nukumi2 homepage:

Darcs repository (“darcs send” is welcome for patches):

== Thanks to…

  • Sebastian Vuorinen for implementing Atom 1.0 support.

== License

Nukumi2 is licensed as a whole under the terms of the GNU General
Public License. Some general-purpose parts are licensed under the
same terms as Ruby.

You can get Nukumi2 0.5 at:

c3650d4d1adc73b16cbf302385be495b nukumi2-0.5.0.tar.gz

For some real sites driven by Nukumi2, see:

Happy blogging, tumblelogging and publishing in other ways,