[nuby] about date_select, getting into DB

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to use the date_select() form helper method per AWDWROR. In
the DB the column “entry_date” is a datetime.

So using the below form, in part

============ app/views/entry/index.rhtml ===

date <%= date_select("entry_date", :start) %>

how do I get it into the AR instance?

============ app/controllers/EntryController.rb =======
def create
@entry = Entry.new(
:entry_date => params[:entry_date][“start”],
:task_id => params[:task][:id],
:description => params[:description]

This gives me “entry_date cannot be null” from mysql.

The backtrace/debug dump on the error page mentioned that
Parameters: …
“entry_date”=>{“start(1i)”=>“2007”, “start(2i)”=>“4”, “start(3i)”=>“25”}

where did that (1i), (2i) stuff come from? what does it mean?

In any case I was hoping to use a DHTML calendar pop-up for this date
entry, but wanted to get this working for the prototype. So if you can
help I appeciate it


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