Not sure where to begin updating a child table


I have a table that is defined as has_many and the child table is
defined as has_one. I can create new children with ease and do almost
everything else I want to do with it except for one thing. I have a
form and within that form I have text boxes to update a column in the
the children objects (multiple). In that same form I want to also
update columns and attributes of the parent. Does anyone have an
example to have a single button form that updates multiple tables/
models? Or can you point me to the right tutorial? Agile Web
Development mentions passing an array to the update method but there
is no example.




To clarify here is some code that I have tried:

My controller has this action:

def update_radio_buttons
@field = Field.find(params[:id])
@field.update_attributes(:field_text => params[:field_text],
:required => params[:required])
for @value in @field.values
value_text = “:valuetext_#{}”
@temp = params[value_text]
@value.update_attribute(:value_text => @temp)
# more stuff here


my view looks sort of like this (i condensed the partials and some of
the other stuff going on on the page to save some space here)

<%= form_remote_tag( :update => ‘FieldDesignArea’,
:url => { :action => ‘update_radio_buttons’, :id => }) %>

<%= text_area_tag(:field_text, @field.field_text) %>


<% for @value in @field.values %>

<% end %>

The error that I get when I run this code after making a change is
the following:

wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)

and the parameters look like this:

Parameters: {“commit”=>“Udate”, “valuetext_58”=>“huh”,
“valuetext_71”=>“Choice”, “id”=>“106”, “required”=>“1”, “_”=>"",
“field_text”=>“New Field Is here”}

So that is in a nut shell what I am trying to do. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.



I copied a directory of views and noticed that the
Scaffold.CSS stylesheet didn’t add to my pages. Is
there a way to manually link to a style sheet?

Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors’ Choice 2005


<%= stylesheet_link_tag “your_css_stylesheet” %>