Not sure how to unpack soap4r gem into standard library


I’m running JRuby 1.1.4, which seems to have soap4r 1.5.5 in its library
(under the directory soap). I’ve installed the soap4r 1.5.8 gem, but it
doesn’t seem to be used (the User Agent shows 1.5.5).

I was told to unpack the gem into the library, but I don’t understand

If I compare the tree structures of the unpacked gem and what’s in the
directory, they have a completely different tree structure. So, I’m not
sure how to go about replacing the 1.5.5 version with the 1.5.8 version.
Now, I did find the soap, wsdl, and xsd directories in the lib directory
(along with a file named tags), but I’m not sure what the proper way to
merge this stuff together would be. I hope it’s not the manual process
that it looks like! And what about all the other stuff that’s part of
gem outside of the lib directory?

Can someone please help me understand how this stuff works? Is it
documented somewhere?

Thanks, very much!


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