Not receiving sound of FM receiver

Thanks Nino and Marcus for the answer
I also get some peaks but no sound just like you on n210 with WBX. I set
gain to 30 and using VHF Armature antenna for 100Mhz. still no sound.
the same antenna works with any radio receiver.
I have spent plenty of time to get something out of n210 with no
can you help me on this or show me a working FM example or can you give
me the
right setting parameters for UHD Source & WBFM receiver blocks on GRC.I
downloaded some UHD examples from internet but not working.
By the way, I have put the constant block after WBFM receiver not before
Marcus suggested.

On 25 Sep 2011, at 09:40, ahmad [email protected] wrote:


Hi Ahmad

I finally managed to pick up some FM radio stations! I found the
antenna was the issue, I followed a tutorial on building a home made
fm antenna and set the gain to 300 on the N210. When I get to my
computer I’ll mail you the GRC file I’m using :0)