Nooby Q--default page for RoR changed?!


simple issue i’m sure–i’m a ruby & rails nooby–but for some reason the
sample app that i’ve been running/building from the Agile Web Dev w/
Rails book changed from a (nicely) formatted HTML page, with a link that
would try to show my application status, to the text i list below–with
the first line in larger typeface than the rest, but otherwise plain
jane (see below).

this is when i just go to: http://localhost:3000

anyone know what stupid thing i’ve done/changed to cause this change in
behavior (from the fancy “Welcome to Rails” to the more text based
message i list below–i’m guessing it has something to do with switching
web servers or something, but i’m pretty sure i’m using WEBrick still;
or maybe i changed some .rhtml file somewhere, or it knows i’m also
occasionally using a remote server that is linux based rather than just
my win xp box now, too)?

any clues would be much appreciated.


Congratulations, you’ve put Ruby on Rails!
Before you move on, verify that the following conditions have been met:

The log and public directories must be writable to the web server (chmod
-R 775 log and chmod -R 775 public).
The shebang line in the public/dispatch* files must reference your Ruby
You might need to change it to #!/usr/bin/env ruby or point directly at
the installation.
Rails on Apache needs to have the cgi handler and mod_rewrite enabled.
Somewhere in your httpd.conf, you should have:
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
LoadModule rewrite_module libexec/httpd/
AddModule mod_rewrite.c
Take the following steps to get started:

Create empty development and test databases for your application.
Recommendation: Use *_development and *_test names, such as
basecamp_development and basecamp_test
Warning: Don’t point your test database at your development database,
it’ll destroy the latter on test runs!
Edit config/database.yml with your database settings.
Create controllers and models using the generator in script/generate
Help: Run the generator with no arguments for documentation
See all the tests run by running rake.
Develop your Rails application!
Setup Apache with FastCGI (and Ruby bindings), if you need better
Having problems getting up and running? First try debugging it yourself
by looking at the log files.
Then try the friendly Rails community on the web or on IRC

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