Noob Typo Questions (uh oh!)


I have my typo blog up and running now (, but I
have a couple of questions.

First, where’s the best place to look for typo documentation? I don’t
anything under documentation at:
except for some troubleshooting tips.

Second, how do I determine which version of typo I’m running? I pulled
down using subversion using a command I found in a tutorial somewhere (I
don’t really know how to use subversion).

Third, is it common for the sidebar functionality to freak out everytime
use it? When I add a new item to my sidebar and then publish it, the
of the existing items on my blog usually changes to a non-desired order.
I’ll often move stuff around to the way I like it and then when I go
back in
to fool with the sidebar itemms, their order will be changed yet again.
this an expected behavior? If not, is there something I can do about
aside from editting the rails code?

Thanks for any answers!


Terry D. wrote:

First, where’s the best place to look for typo documentation?

Ah, the perennial question for most Ruby projects…

Third, is it common for the sidebar functionality to freak out
everytime you use it?

I had some similar problems when I upgraded to trunk. It turned out I
had some duplicate records in my database; I cleared the sidebars table
and re-did my sidebars from scratch, and everything was OK after that.
Not sure how the duplicates got there.


As far as documentation goes, I think that the wiki is all there
this mailing list, of course.

The ‘svn info’ command can be used to tell the rev number of your

Hmmm… well, I’m using multiple “static” sidebar items to display lists
chicklets… Is that a no no? If so, how the heck do you do that then?

As for docs, thats kind of what i figured, but it didn’t hurt to ask.

Just run ‘svn info’ from the shell in my /rails/typo directory? Or
somewhere else?

Yes. If you change to a folder in your working copy, and run ‘svn
info’, it
will report (among other things) the revision of the current folder.

You can also run ‘svn info TARGET’, specifying a working copy path or
url to
get info about another path or url.

Groovy - thanks Ryan! It appears that I pulled down the trunk (which
guessing is the “current” version) and my revision is 1001.

I was going to ask more questions, but I found them answered here:

I noticed that the current revision is 1005. I also noticed the line
says in the future I’ll be able to do “svn update”

Is there a current way to get the current stuff without messing up my

Just curious.


Unless you’ve changed things significantly in your working copy, doing
svn update won’t mess up your blog. Even if you’ve customized things,
is usually good enough to still merge properly.

It’s a good idea to review changes made to your working copy before
deploying them to your server, of course, and depending on the changes,
may be necessary to also run ‘rake migrate’ to update your database.

But most of the time, updates won’t break things.

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