Noob search question

Hi All,

I am beginning to think that mt brain doesnt speak Ruby(or rails)!

I am attempting to build the most basic search function imaginable -
Search within the database for a particular location


@locations = Location.find(:all, :conditions => [“location like ?”,

In my view I just put my basic scaffolded view from show, reasoing that
this should return that exact result


Find Results

<% for column in Location.content_columns %>

<%= column.human_name %>: <%=h @location.send( %>

<% end %>

Help how do I resolve basic results like this? More properly I know it
should return a table of all the close matches, but anything other than
nasty NOMethoError# would be great!

First of, this find looks much cleaner and is more scure as everything
is escaped by Rails:

@locations = Location.find(:all, :conditions => [“location like %?%”,

For the view: forget that scaffold stuff, it keeps you from learning
how to do it yourself.
in your current view, you loop through the Models column headers and
not the returned results in @location.
<%=h @location.send( %> will therefore not return each
results content, but throw an error i guess … not too fit in ruby
myself, but been i while since touched scaffold for the reason
mentioned above.

Search Results

<% @locations.each do |loc| %>

<%= loc.location %>


…something like this, errors to be expected :smiley:

Note: i’m kind of new to Rails too so maybe my explanations where plain
bullshit. Excuse me.


For whatever reason my last post didnt show up!

Here is where I am with this now.
The ‘Location like %?%…’

Would result in a MySQL error like

Mysql::Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual
that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to
use near ‘%‘Hicom Room’%)’

So the wildcards are on the wrong side of the quotes

If I hard code
@search_text = ‘Hicom Room’ and take the wildcards out it works fine
So… one step close I guess!


I done know if this is interesting to anyone esle, of if they can just
shed some light on this.

I hasd been using a helper as the input for my search string:

<%= start_form_tag :action => ‘find’ %>
<%= text_field :search, :search %>
<%=submit_tag ‘Find’ %>

This turned out to be the cause of the Mysql error below as it seemed
to be adding whitespace and new line characters,
as soon as I changed the filed to be :

<%= start_form_tag :action => ‘find’ %>

<%=submit_tag ‘Find’%>

it worked straight away!

Any suggestions?