Noob Question concerning code in Agile Web Development with


I’m currently learning Ruby on Rails using “Agile Web D. with
Rails.” I am using RadRails as my development environment. Everything
been going along well, until the end of chapter 7. Just before the end
the chapter, we set up our store pages so that they can be styled with
depot.css stylesheet. This is where I run into my problem. The
only seems to work partially. The divs have been moved properly, but I
apply no other styles to the “side” div. No matter what value I use for
“background” style it remains white, neither can I draw a border around
Styles also do not work on the “main” div. Styles seem to work fine for
“banner” div.

Perhaps someone who’s been through this book has seen something similar?
maybe it might ring a bell for someone else.

I’d really appreciate any clues you can throw my way.


Not sure what your issue could be. Have you tried downloading the code
the book and comparing it to your code? It has to be something in the
or CSS, not rails.

I’m only using the code downloaded from the book’s website. I agree
that it
shouldn’t have anything to do with rails. I was mainly interested in
finding out if anyone else had run into a similar problem.

Hi, Terry,

could you post the rendered page source and the css the page is loading.
sometimes a few more pairs of eyes will see the problem…

Jan P.

i went through the book last week and was able to change those styles,
including the side div color. perhaps it’s a browser issue, or a typo,
a missing quote?

the errata for the book can be found here:

John McGrath

Hi all,

Thanks for the help. I must have had a typo in my .rhtml code. I
over the .rhtml code from the downloaded code and things are working
Not only am I learning Ruby on Rails, I’m also trying to cram all this
and css in too. My brain hurts!

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